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You've heard the three rules of real estate: Location, Location, Location. Well, Michael's are: Location, Demographics, and timing. A lot of people in the real estate and construction field will make it seem like all you need to do is buy a pice of ground in a nice location and build something on it. Over, the span of nearly 40 years these three rules have served him well and I think we all know that if it was easy, everyone would do it. His real estate career began in 1984 with a multi-home project in the bay area. His first land project as the principal was the construction of 25 custom homes in Sacramento’s “Pocket Area,” also known as “River Oaks East.” In addition to his construction and development resume, Michael founded Frontier Cellular, a west-coast-based chain of retail cell-phone stores, and was a pioneer in the development of player-tracking slot machine software and analytics. His newest venture, Firefly Lighting Systems was founded in 2022. This permanent eave lighting system is a cutting-edge micro-led solution for your holiday lighting needs, and also increases your home's safety year-round. With dozens of lighting configurations conveniently controlled via mobile app on any smart device.


Michael attended Sacramento State University and later eared his law degree in 2003. However, he did not go to law school to practice law but rather to understand the legal aspects of the development business including the Subdivision Map Act and the California Environmental Quality Act. Since then Michael has worked on dozens of other land development projects large and small, for himself and others. Currently, we are in development on the Swanston Oak project, an eight house subdivision which will become 10 homes once the final map is filed and construction is complete. In addition to this project we offer an array of other construction services including home and yard remodels, permanent eve/holiday lighting via our partners at Firefly Lighting Systems, and full service construction management for those who wish to develop their own raw land.

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We control our projects, our projects don't control us. As Michael tells most of the people he meets: "If it is construction related we can do it for you." His other two maxims are: "We build things and fix stuff." And: "We leave every neighborhood better than we found it." But we don't just say these things, we live them. If you have a need in the real estate and construction industries, in northern and southern California, we have you covered from start to finish.

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